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INSET day Fri 23rd October, school closed; opens Tuesday November 3rd

Eco Team

Welcome to the Eco page

Lead - Miss Hudson

Here you will find the details of our latest projects in the school. 

Look at our brand new Eco display 

Switch Off Fortnight 2018 


The Eco team launched switch off fortnight in Collective Worship. They encouraged all the children to save energy at school and at home by doing thing like switching off TVs and lights. 

We have been using our own grown produce in our school lunches! 


Each class planted and grew different produce over the past two terms. We have now started to dig them up and Sue has been using them in our delicious school lunches! 



Switch Off Fortnight Starts today!

Eco Green Procurement Policy 2018

The eco team made a presentation promoting how you can save energy in school and at home.  We are all practicing switching everything OFF!  At home, some examples we looked at were:

Turn off your lights when you are not in the room,

Don't overfill the kettle,

Put lids on saucepans, 

Switch off standby lights,

Shut windows and curtains to insulate your rooms,

Wash up in a bowl (or put the plug in) - don't wash up in running water, 

and turn off anything that does not require electricity or gas!


Bags to School - 450kg!

Thank you all for donating 450 kg of clothes, shoes and more - an enormous amount of recycling!  Thanks to the PTA for organising this.  The weight donated raised £224 for PTA funds.

The results of the competition are as follows:

3rd place     Year 1      24 bags

2nd place    Year 4      25 bags

1st place      Year 2     27 bags


Year 2 will receive additional golden time.


Thanks everyone

Bags to School

Thank you all for sending your bags of recyclable clothes and other bits and pieces.  In total the eco team counted 142 bags, which is a phenomenal contribution to our school fund.  When we know how much money we raised, we shall let you know.  The winning class will be announced on Tuesday in assembly.



Our eco team (not quite all of them) counting the bags.

Bags to School on Friday 17th November


Remember to recycle your old clothes, shoes, handbags and cushions.  Every child has been given a bag to bring home. 


The school is holding a competition to see which class can bring in the most weight.  Bring your bag back to school on Friday to help recycle and to help your child(ren) win the competition! 


Not enough bags - just add bin liners.

Recycled outfit - what an amazing costume this is!

Walk to School Week

Walk to School week was a huge success.  In summary 74% of children, 3 out of every 4. walked to school every day.  All the children who walked every day received a walk to school sticker.  Well done everyone!

A short update on how we are promoting eco values in the school.

Walk to School week

  • Taking place 2 - 6 October - leave your car at home or celebrate that you already walk to school!  Walk, bike or scooter to school.  Pupils in each class will compete to see which house can walk to school most often.


  • Throughout the school there is motion sensor lighting, which will help us reduce our energy useage.
  • Year 5 will participate in an E-On energy workshop, on 16th October, and will make a play to promote low energy useage.
  • We will have a switch off fortnight 20th November to focus on switching off sources of energy at home.


  • Key Stage 1 pupils will be looking at climate change for birds in mid October.


  • Lunchtime Crunchtime, 16th October, the eco team will be promoting the reduction of waste in the dining hall.

Walk to School Week

This took place 14th - 19th May.  The eco team checked how many children walked to school before the week, and we are proud to say that in walk to school week, the number of children walking to school increased from just over 60% to just under 80%.

The benefits of walking to school are:

  • improved health

  • reduction in pollution

  • feeling happier.

All children who walked to school every day received a special walk to school sticker.

Well done everybody!  Keep it up.

Our green flag has arrived. Here is a picture of the eco team with the Green Flag and the school's certificate. Thanks to the whole school, pupils and staff, parents and governors. The school is in SWITCH OFF FORTNIGHT - turn your lights off at home, too!

Green Flag renewed by Keep Britain Tidy

Eco schools sent an assessor in to school to assess our progress with the Green Flag Award.  It was Fairtrade Friday, so an excellent day for an eco schools visit, because all the parents were involved in bringing in donations.  The assessor was delighted with the good practice that he could see in our school.  Thank you to everyone who helped with this. 

Fairtrade Foundation

£100 was raised for the Fairtrade Foundation, so thanks for all the donations and purchases from our tuck shop.

Switch Off Fortnight

The eco team will continue to guide the delivery of our eco schools plan. 

The school's next project is Switch Off Fortnight, starting on Tuesday 14th March.  Switch off any lights, or appliances when you aren't using them!

We are delighted to announce that Hattie McAffer in year 6 has been named as the runner up nationally in the Smarter Energy Competition with British Gas. Not only did Hattie win herself an iPad, a Wilbur toy and the school and Einstein tablet, she has also won us a huge £25,000 energy makeover!

This means the school will receive an energy survey and improvements will be made whether it be lighting, windows, solar panels to make us more energy efficient. We are so proud of you Hattie and thrilled to win such an amazing prize.

Hattie's excellent comic strip below won the prize.

Fairtrade Fortnight  - 27th February - 10th March

This will be kicked off on 27th February with an assembly by the eco team - What is Fairtrade? The school's Superlearning day, which will focus on books, will include the pupils reviewing a book called 50 ways to buy Fairtrade.  For Fairtrade Friday (3 March), parents will be asked to send in some fairtrade donations to our tuckshop.  Any money raised will go to the Fairtrade charity.  The school canteen will be offering Fairtrade meals during the fortnight.  Fairtrade will be a theme for lessons in some classes - wouldn't you like to know the "Brazil Nut Story"?  


Want to know more?  Try these films:

Fair Trade Footballs (8 mins)


My fair trade adventure Part 1 (9 mins)


My fair trade adventure (7 mins)

Green Flag Renewal

At the end of January the school governor school improvement committee approved the renewal application forms, action plan review and our action plan for the future.  These have been sent to eco-schools and the awarding body will let us know when they will come to visit the school to assess our application. 

The nine key objectives are:

  • energy
  • litter
  • waste minimisation
  • transport
  • bio-diversity
  • global perspective
  • school grounds.
  • curriculum
  • healthy living 
Our school Eco Team from Year 2 to Year 6 have begun reviewing our school's impact on the environment, and on Wednesday, went on a trip to the Manchester Waste Renewal Centre.   Intrigued, they discovered how to correctly recycle, and visited all the machines that separate all our rubbish.  I have no doubt that we will hear more about this in the near future!  Thanks to Mike Booth and Ben Minogue for the help.
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