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Finish for Easter at 2pm Wednesday March 31st


Science Overview 


Our science curriculum ensures continuity and progression from Foundation Stage to Year 6. Our aims in teaching science include the following:

  • Preparing our children for life in an increasingly scientific and technological world.
  • Fostering concern about, and active care for, our environment.
  • Helping our children acquire a growing understanding of scientific ideas.
  • Helping develop and extend our children’s scientific concept of their world.
  • Developing our children’s understanding of the international and collaborative nature of science.
  • Providing children with the necessary tools to identify false information. Science is not just about learning established facts but also about fostering critical thought.


Throughout our primary science curriculum we will teach about:

  • Living things and their habitats, plants, animals including humans
  • Everyday materials, properties and changes of materials
  • Seasonal changes
  • Rocks
  • Light
  • Forces and magnets
  • States of matter
  • Electricity
  • Earth and Space
  • Evolution and Inheritance


Details about the coverage and expectations for each year group can be found below.  

Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”


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