Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”

“UN Rights of a Child Article 2: A child has rights, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language or abilities. Whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.”

School opens Tuesday January 7th 2020, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Spring 1

Spring 1


This term our topic is traditional tales! We will be reading such classics as: The Gingerbread Man, The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

The children have loved the story 'Goldilocks & the Three Bears'. We have learned all about bears, explored capacity using porridge and even had a go at mixing porridge outdoors. 


It all began though when the children came in to class and found a crime scene in the home corner... somebody had broken one of the 3 chairs... but who?


We have loved learning all about the 3 little pigs. We have built different types of houses, explored shapes and their properties and once we knew the story, we had a go at changing the characters. We decided to tell the story with a big bad badger instead of a wolf!




Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!


Well what a fantastic turn of events whilst learning the story of the gingerbread man! We loved exploring ingredients for gingerbread and even had a go at writing shopping lists. 


We discussed our thoughts on the fox who ate the gingerbread man and the children decided he deserved to be put on the plant pot of doom! Eating people is not a good choice!


Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”


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