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EYFS Film night, KS1 & KS2 Disco, Friday 6th December

Summer 1

Summer is here 

Welcome back after what we hope was a delightful Easter break! The sun is shinning and our class is ready to enjoy lots of outdoor learning!


This term our topic is Superheroes. We will be reading 'Superworm' and 'Charlie's superhero underpants'. 



In Maths we will be learning about addition and subtraction and how to make number sentences.

We are continuing with phase 2 phonics and will be looking at letter formation, decoding, segmenting and blending to read words. Some of our clever catfish will even be having a go at sentence writing!

No Batman just Robins


What a lovely surprise we had this week. The broken extractor fan in our Nursery outdoor storeroom has become a home for a teeny tiny family. We noticed a Robin had built a nest inside the fan and heard lots of chirping coming from inside.



A quick investigation with a camera popped through the hole at the top proved that a family of Robins are residing inside! As the phone went in, 5 hungry little beaks began to chirp expecting a hearty meal!



If you are in the Nursery playground, listen out for their little chirps and maybe soon you will see our little lodgers take their first flight.


Superworm! 1

Superworm is super long, superworm is super long!


We have loved learning the story of Superworm and are exploring all different aspects of the story including learning about other insects and creatures from the story. In the creative area, children have been looking at superhero logos and had a go at designing a logo for superworm.


In writing we made our own comics based on the story of superworm, why not visit our reading area and read some of our awesome work?


In maths we have been filling different containers with insects, estimating and counting how many there are. 

Reading Day


We had a fab day celebrating reading throughout the school. We all wore our snazzy pajamas to school to make the day feel like we were reading bedtime stories.


We were very lucky to visit the arts base to hear Mr Joyce read a story about flying books.  The year 3 children joined us and they all had a turn reading stories to our class.



We all had hot chocolate and biscuits whilst sitting on our comfy cushions listening to stories! What a treat!




Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”


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