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“UN Rights of a Child Article 2: A child has rights, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language or abilities. Whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.”

Wednesday 18th December - Christmas Dinner - bring a festive hat or headband, Carols at St Clement's 6pm

Year 4

Hello and welcome to the Year 4 class page.

Welcome back to the Summer Term, I do hope you’ve had a lovely relaxing Easter break. The children have returned eager and enthusiastic for their new topics. Please see below for an outline of what the children will be learning over the next term.


We continue to focus on a number of quality texts to enable children to write for a variety of purposes.

Our main themes are ‘Twisted Fairy Tales’ and ‘Science Fiction’, children will produce narratives, descriptions, newspaper reports, instructions and poetry


Children will be learning about:

  • Decimal numbers
  • Money
  • Mass, volume and length
  • Area
  • Geometry
  • Position and movement
  • Roman Numerals


PE KITS - As the children have now completed their swimming lessons, we will be now having PE on Monday as well as Thursday. Please ensure that children have a full kit, which includes girls having their hair tied back.


Thank you for visiting our class page.  Please check back for class updates, home learning, photographs and useful resources for you and your child.


Mrs Campbell 

Trafford Waterpark Adentures!

Summer 1 learning so far...

Greek Pottery

Greek Pottery 1
Greek Pottery 2
Greek Pottery 3
Greek Pottery 4
Greek Pottery 5

What a superb day Year 4 had during our visit to Manchester Art Gallery and Rozafa Greek Restaurant. We did not let the snow put us off getting into the Glorious Greek spirit!! Each child behaved impeccably and I was proud of them all!

Year 4 have had a fabulous Spring 1 Half Term. 

Here are some of the highlights!

Greek Assembly

Rights Respecting Session

States of Matter Investigations

Beautiful Balances

Oral Health Workshop!

Oral Health Workshop! 1
Oral Health Workshop! 2
Oral Health Workshop! 3
Oral Health Workshop! 4
Oral Health Workshop! 5
Oral Health Workshop! 6
Oral Health Workshop! 7
Oral Health Workshop! 8
Oral Health Workshop! 9
Oral Health Workshop! 10
Oral Health Workshop! 11
Oral Health Workshop! 12
Oral Health Workshop! 13
Oral Health Workshop! 14

Some photos from our super trip to Skipton Castle!

Winter personification poetry inspired by Oscar Wilde's 'The Selfish Giant'.

We have been learning about the human digestive system.

We recreated the journey our food goes on before we get rid of the waste! 

Check out the photographs below..

WARNING - They're really gross!!

Year 4  took part in a Disability Awareness Day with our previous Man City coach, Sean. This was part of an award winning programme designed to educate our children about disability. The children created their own disabled superhero, and took part in two activities where they experienced disability sport.

Disability Awareness Day

Disability Awareness Day 1
Disability Awareness Day 2
Disability Awareness Day 3
Disability Awareness Day 4
In Year 4 we have been busy classifying vertebrates.  Each child was given a card and they had to ask questions to classify whether they were a mammal, amphibian, reptile, bird or fish!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
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“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”


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