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Meet the TREEHOUSE Staff

TREEHOUSE Manager -  Miss Emily Boothman


Emily is currently the manager of a popular and established provision in Trafford. She is extremely excited to be part of the provision in a school and to work with her new team and our existing staff to provide a safe and stimulating environment for your children.

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TREEHOUSE ASSISTANT - (Full Time) - Miss Sangeeta Kaur


As those of you who attend Clementine's will know, Sangeeta is an assistant in the current provision and we are very pleased to have appointed her to THE TREEHOUSE. Her knowledge of the children, particularly those with need for whom the change may cause some anxiety will be invaluable.

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TREEHOUSE ASSISTANT - (Full Time) - Mrs Joanne Dale 


Joanne is currently a TA at a local primary school. She has experience supporting pupils within the classroom and we think she will make a great transition into our before and after school care.


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On the busiest evenings, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we will have 3 extra staff to make sure the ratios are adhered to. Miss Emma Brogan,Miss Claire Harris and Mrs Raman Jairath current TAs & Lunchtime Organisers within our school will be taking these roles as well as Miss Chelsea Wedderburn a member of our catering team. Again the fact that these staff already have a good knowledge and relationship with our children means the transition to new care in the autumn will be a smooth one. 

Chelsea, Claire & Emma

Chelsea, Claire & Emma 1
Chelsea, Claire & Emma 2
Chelsea, Claire & Emma 3
Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”

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