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Hello and welcome to the PTA page!


Who are we?

EVERYONE! Every parent, every teacher

YOU can organise, help or simply support the events

There are only 3 official posts as Trustees

Chair: Mary Lomax, Secretary: Beate Peter, Treasurer: Peter Martin

Reach us via


What do we do?

Socialise - encourage our community spirit

Fundraise – for items beyond the school budget


When do we meet?

Every half term (ish) - at school or in a local pub

See Meetings below

Fund Raising Totaliser 18-19


We've got money in the bank from previous years that we are saving to be able to help support the development of the new outdoors early years environment.


This year we'd like to raise some more money for this project but also enable small curriculum enriching projects, and reward individual classes for their participation efforts. 


Year 4 made a great effort with bringing in their pennies so they're spending their reward on an electricity workshop, which previously has been possible through parent contributions.


Year 2 made a massive effort to pull off Hi-Tea so we've agreed to fund the chick project that Miss Marsh will run this spring.


Reception and Nursery have the Easter Bonnet Parade coming up and all the money raised through that will be given back to the EYFS team to spend.


Which ever class manages to bring in the most bags for the clothing appeal will get a share of the money we raise.


This year's fundraising so far


What we've done


Film nights

Christmas Disco

Refreshments for Performances and Concerts

Christmas Cards


Wreath Making

Clothing Appeal


What we've funded

Coaches to take everyone to the pantomime

Community Coffee Mornings with Sue's lovely biscuits





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Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”


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