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“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”

“UN Rights of a Child Article 2: A child has rights, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language or abilities. Whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.”

Happy Easter, see you on Wednesday 24th April


Fri 1st March - Clothing Appeal

Bring your sorted bags at morning drop off.

Put them under your class sign

The class with the most bags will receive a share of the money raised.


Why do you need to sort them?

We're going to send the clothes to different charities and don't have enough people to do the sorting ourselves.

So, please please please, divide your donations up


Where is it going?

0-2 years : Meseret, a charity in Ethiopia looking after very young children.


3-16 years : Wood Street Mission, supporting Manchester families on low income.


Women's Smart Clothes : SmartsWorks, helping women succeed at interview


Women's General Clothes : we're still trying to confirm this


Men's Clothes - Work and General - Mustard Tree, tackling homelessness and poverty


Lovely kids stuff : Chorlton CofE PTA 

We're going to have a pop-up shop after school and then sell on eBay



Can you help?

Just 10 minutes from you would help to move bags from the playground to the Church Hall

If you have more time to spare, help us put the bags into piles for their charities.

Can you stand behind the pop-up shop?



Amazon Smile

Choose us as a charity to support through Amazon Smile



Choose us a a charity to send all or part of your proceeds of sale to.


Easy Fundraising

Go on! This one doesn't cost you anything.

Get the donation reminder on your browser then every time you visit a participating website a quick click will earn us money.


Clothing labelling or

Use code:D228 and we get 20%

Use code:M219JA and we get 30%

Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”


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