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Spaces in Nursery for September 2022

Physical Education


  • To provide children with a wide range of physical experiences, including games, dance, gymnastics and outdoor adventurous activities.

  • To develop children who are physically literate, understanding why we take part in physical activity and being confident to do this.
  • To develop children who live active, healthy lives and understand how physical activity can also improve their wellbeing.



EYFS pupils have one specific PE lesson a week, led by a MCFC coach; they also access physical development activities through continuous provision daily. At Chorlton we aim to provide children with two hours of Physical Education for children in Years 1 - 6 each week. This is provided through two separate PE lessons, one led by the teacher and one by a coach from MCFC, with support from the class teacher. Pupils in Year 4 go swimming once a week for the duration of the year. Children will master basic movement skills such as running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as develop key skills such as balance, co-ordination and agility. Children will participate in team games, developing tactics such as attacking and defending. Children will also learn to put together routines using movement patterns in dance and gymnastics, as well as experience outdoor and adventurous activities. Our curriculum has been shaped to ensure children develop appropriate skills for their year group and that these are built upon each year. Children will develop personally by learning to play fair, improve their fitness, gain leadership skills, participate in a range of activities and improve their readiness to work. Children are given opportunities to try a wide range of different sporting activities, which differ from year to year, and also experience competition with their peers. The curriculum ensures children leave Chorlton with a love of physical activity, understanding the importance of this for an active, healthy life and improved wellbeing.


We aim to provide extra-curricular opportunities for physical activity as well, with before and after school clubs taking place most days, as well as some lunchtime clubs. Active play is encouraged at playtimes and lunchtime, with a range of equipment including skipping ropes, cricket bats and hula hoops available for children to use in different zones. Year 6 lead a lunchtime Energy Club for younger children, leading them in a range of fun activities and games.


Our Physical Education curriculum is also drawn from: 


  • PE Passport

  • Youth Sport Trust

  • Manchester PE Association



Children at Chorlton C of E enjoy learning about and playing new sports, and gaining new skills in a range of different physical activities, from gymnastics to volleyball and dance to cricket. Many children take part in lunchtime and extra-curricular activities, showing their enjoyment of physical activity.

Evidence captured during lessons demonstrates how children have learnt new skills and progressed through units, and assessment carried out at the end of a unit shows children engage with and enjoy the PE curriculum.

Children understand the importance of taking care of their mental health and well-being as well as their physical health. Children are equipped with tools to help regulate their emotions throughout the school day, including using physical activity where necessary.


Please see the whole school Skills Progression and PE Curriculum Overview documents below

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