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Our Vision for History:

  • To know and understand the History of Britain as a coherent, chronological narrative from the earliest civilisations to changes within living memory.
  • To know and understand elements of global History and consider what was happening locally at the same time.
  • To make connections to modern society and consider how we can learn from key events in history.
  • To understand historical concepts such as continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity and difference, and use them to make connections, draw contrasts, analyse trends and frame questions. 
  • To use an explorative, investigative approach to learning, with the freedom to explore and ask questions.


Shaping Our History: 


At Chorlton C of E we teach our children to take an investigative approach to History, to discover for themselves, make connections to their own lives and consider the impact of key events and figures from the past. Our history curriculum has been shaped to ensure knowledge and skills are entwined with different aspects of historical content. In EYFS and KS1 children are given the opportunity to explore the key concept of it history itself, made relevant to their own lives and the lives of their families and locality, within and beyond living memory. Once these concepts are embedded, children in KS2 will then use these learnt skills to explore the history of Britain. Each year group will take a thematic approach to their content, with elements of chronological order. Where it is not chronological, children will make regular references to the timeline to ensure knowledge of the chronology of key periods of History is embeded. Throughout KS2, they will also learn about some of the most powerful ancient civilisations of Europe, Asia and The Americas. This allows them to make connections and look at differences and similarities between Britain and other parts of the world at certain times in History.



All learning is planned and delivered with a clear objective, taken from the progression of skills documents. This document has been carefully organised so that children build on their existing knowledge, overlearning key concepts at age appropriate level.


In EYFS and KS1, the concept of history is taught with relevance to the children, expanding as they develop. In KS2 British history is taught with elements of chronological order. Each year covers an Ancient Civilisation, not in chronological order. This allows children to consider what was happening in other parts of the world at the same time as periods of British history they have studied.


Children are provided with subject specific vocab and subject specific reading material to support their learning. Lessons are varied and exciting, with cross curricular links made wherever possible. Each classroom has a history/geography working wall that should build up over the course of the topic, to act as a reference point and to showcase learning.


Our History curriculum is also drawn from: 

  • The History Association



At Chorlton C of E Pupil voice shows that pupils are confident and able to talk about what they have learnt in history using subject specific vocabulary. Pupil voice also demonstrates that pupils enjoy history and are able to recall their learning over time. Pupils work demonstrates that history is taught at an age appropriate standard across each year group with opportunities planned in for pupils working at greater depth. Work is of good quality and demonstrates pupils are acquiring knowledge, skills and vocabulary in an appropriate sequence.



Please see the whole school Progression and Overview documents below:

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