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Year 6 performance of 'High School Musical' will be on Wednesday 10th July, starting at 6.00pm


Priorities for Nursery Admissions

Parents/carers will be clearly informed in the admissions process that full-time places are allocated for the complete academic year.

A full term’s notice will be required from any parent wishing to withdraw their child from any nursery place.

For all children, the first 15 hours per week are free of charge. Following changes to nursery funding made by the Local Authority, some full-time places will continue to be fully funded. Other children will need to pay the nursery for the additional 15 hours.

We will use the same priorities for nursery admission as those set by the Local Authority for admissions to the main school and they will be applied to ensure that the nursery is full. We will be accepting applications from children born in the appropriate academic year to enter the nursery cohort.

(Parents/carers should note however that admission to nursery does not guarantee a place in the main school.


Please see attached Nursery Admissions Policy for further information.

Nursery Application Form

Please see the link below to Manchester City Council for information on admission to the main school.
Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”


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