Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”

“UN Rights of a Child Article 2: A child has rights, whatever their ethnicity, gender, religion, language or abilities. Whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.”

EYFS Film night, KS1 & KS2 Disco, Friday 6th December

Who's Who


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher: Mrs S Halliwell (LLEDesignated Safeguarding Lead )

Interim Deputy Headteacher: Mr P Trohear 

Assistant Headteacher: Miss T Knight 

SENCo: Mrs C Kellegher (Deputy Safeguarding Lead/ Designated Lead for LAC)

School Business Manager: Mrs D Smith


Class teams

                        Teachers                                            TAs

Nursery:          Miss E Hudson                                   Mrs J Power ( Nursery Nurse)

Reception:      Miss T Knight (EYFS Phase Lead)     Mrs Y Sabir

                       Mrs J Allen (Wed/Thurs)                     Mrs J Dale (1:1) Mr L Dawber (1:2)


Interventions and English/Maths support across KS1: Mr A Ridgway/Miss J Matthews


Year 1:            Miss N Ashton                                      Mr L Dawber/Miss K Gledhill/ Mrs J                                                                                         Dale (1:1)


Year 2:            Miss K Marsh ( KS1 Phase Lead)                                          


Interventions and English/Maths support across Yrs 3 & 4: Miss J Matthews                                                                                                                  

Year 3:            Miss J Parkin                                     


Year 4:            Mrs K Campbell                                 Miss E Brogan/ Miss K Gledhill/

                                                                                  Mrs Y Arshad (1:1)


Interventions and English/Maths support for Yrs 5 & 6: Mrs A Halligan


Year 5:      Miss C Lowe (Lower KS2 Phase Lead)   Miss E Brogan/Mrs y Arshad (1:1)


Year 6:      Mr T Butler  (Upper KS2 Phase Lead)       Miss P McDermott-Roe/Mrs S                                                                                                Ahmed (1:1)                                                                                         


Specialist Teachers

PE Coaching/Teacher CPD -  Man City

Music - Mrs S Ashton-Rahman

Spanish - Miss T Anderson

Key Therapist & Therapeutic Inclusion Room Lead - Miss S McAuley


School Administrator - Mrs J Brown

Part -time Finance Officer- Miss E Boothman

Site Manager - Mr H Haslam


School Cook - Mrs S Robinson

Assistant Cook - Mrs C Hendren

Canteen Staff - Mrs D Byrnes

Lunchtime Organisers  -  Mrs R Jairath, Miss C Harris


Treehouse Before & After School Provision

Manager: Miss E Boothman

Assistants:  Miss C Harris, Miss E Brogan, Miss J Dale, Mrs R Jaraith, Miss T McEwan, Miss K French

Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”


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