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Year 6 performance of 'High School Musical' will be on Wednesday 10th July, starting at 6.00pm

Position Statement for Recovery 2020

Position Statement For Recovery September 2020


During these unprecedented times the nation has seen how ‘science matters’. Whilst English and Maths have been signposted as focus components of the curriculum catch up in September, it is imperative that children have opportunities to first support their wellbeing before reengaging in ‘hands on’ science sessions again.  

During the beginning of the new year staff will need time to discuss which areas of the science curriculum were not covered during the lockdown period – or were covered online but may have been compromised.  Once these knowledge topics and working scientifically enquiry types have been identified, we will be in position to map out a manageable long-term programme of science which can be used from the Autumn Term 2020. To support with this reference will be made to advice from 'Science Across the City' tools and those linked to the PLAN matrix (ASE).


This will be based on the principles of understanding curriculum progression, building conceptual understanding (rather than quick-fix cramming of facts) and using proven approaches to assessment and enquiry.


Where possible staff will be encouraged to look for cross curricular opportunities to plan meaningfully as well as occasions science can be taught outside. For instance, combining the objectives taught in sound with music lessons or considering how PSHE will lend itself to areas of evolution and human variation.  When using equipment there will need to be careful thought about potential risks so that these can be minimised too (for instance ensuring all equipment can be cleaned).

Chorlton C of E Primary School

“An Adventure for the Mind, and a Home for the Heart”


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